Starting this vegan/plant-based diet is harder for me than I thought.

So for the last three months I’ve been on a semi-plant based diet. Yes, semi, cause I’m a sucker for milk in my coffee, chocolate, tacos de asada, fried chicken and everything in between.  I’ve eliminated processed foods, red meat and pork, so that’s a start, right?

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So I grew up in an agricultural community but lived off boxed and processed foods in my youth. Chef Boyardi, Kraft Mac ‘n Cheese, McDonald’s, my goodness you name it, I ate it. My mom cooked of course but I was a hungry kid and she didn’t know how to say no. Besides, I’m the youngest of 5 kids so I think she was tired by the time she got to me.

So in my journey to become this know it all leaf eater, I’ve purchased The China Study by T. Campbell to encourage me with stats, science and backed data that I should be eating more greens, all the time for every meal. I’ve also started researching Dr. Sebi’s theories out of curiosity. Here are some alternatives I’ve found are pretty tasty to sub some foods I’m trying to permanently eliminate from my diet.

Milk in coffee– I tried everything and almond milk does not cut it, it’s too nutty (I know, I know) however, there’s something about the natural sugar in the milk and the way that it blends in my coffee that absolutely makes me happy in the morning. So my boss lady recommended cashew milk, and it was not bad! Pretty good with the coffee.

Protein powder- Pea protein is strong, good for those avoiding dairy but I suggest putting a whole lot of fruit and honey (or maple syrup) to neutralize the taste. Rice protein is a little lighter on the taste and it’s easy to mix with other ingredients. My very basic shakes include almond milk and water as a base, handful and berries, some flax seed and the protein. Super boring I know. My kid hates them.

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Protein- I’ve cut down on the meat, chicken and fish I consume- although I still do eat  a few ounces a week. I just eat more pinto or peruano beans, lentils and grilled broccoli. People freak out very easily when you don’t eat meat. They always ask, “where do you get your protein from?” Hello-like it’s only available from animals? Most people don’t know that unless you are active or work out a lot, protein is converted into fat. On days I don’t work out (which is a lot), I don’t stress over it, or if I need it, I make my boring smoothie to compensate.

I’ll add more stuff on here as I discover, eat and dabble more. I’m no expert for sure but I do enjoy eating and reading about this stuff.


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